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My first novel has just been made available for pre-order!


For decades, I only wrote for fun. As a struggling artist, I really didn't feel that trying to be a struggling writer as well was a good way to spend my limited time. So for decades I beat my skull at the wall of art, writing mostly during NaNoWriMo. But after finally hitting burnout on my art at the end of 2015, I found myself not sure what I wanted to do with my life for much of 2016. I started exploring my options, and after listening to a podcast about the modern state of the independent ebook writing market, I decided to give writing a try.


This novel was started during the 2016 NaNo campaign, and was revised and polished through 2017. Early 2018 involved the editing and formatting phases, as well as the creation of the cover. Finally, with everything completed, I uploaded the book to Amazon/Kindle. It will be available for purchase, or to read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


You can find the book by clicking on the image to the right, or on the title here -->  SEEDS for the REAPER


This novel is based on my "Lazarus: The Many Reincarnations" comic book series, though it takes place a generation before the events of the comic.

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My mailing list is primarily a way for me to keep you informed of the cool art, writing, photography, body painting, sculpting, etc., I am doing. I won't bombard your inbox with emails, as I'm pretty busy, but I'll do my best to send you interesting information whenever I do.


Also, I won't sell your emails or use them for purposes other than sharing relevant news and information.


To sweeten the deal, I am also offering a FREE companion art book to my first novel (as seen above), which includes information that doesn't appear in the novel, as well as images of the characters. Please note, these are just concept drawings so far. I will likely refine them as time goes on, but for those of you who are here now, you can download the FIRST drawings of many of these characters, and like the early concept art from the Star Wars movies, you may see things that later fans never do...


There will also be other things there for my true fans... I'm still deciding what that will be, but I do like rewarding the people who were there at the beginning!


So here is the link to my MAILING LIST SIGNUP PAGE. I hope to see you there!

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