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Creative Properties

Over the years I have created many intellectual properties, stories, characters, creatures, and much more. In elementary/middle school, I had a world with between 200-300 comic book characters, and dozens of stories on typing paper. And from there, it only got bigger. I'll be sharing some of those ideas here. Some are entirely mine, and a handful are collaborations with others. I will be sure to mention my collaborators on any shared projects.


While some of these properties are private and personal, others I would like to develop and release to the world, whether that be via comic book, movie, video game, toys, or whatever.


If you are looking for creative content, I can do that. If you are interested in one of my properties, feel free to contact me at zak@deadacademy.com




An unstoppable undead army marches out of the east, destroying all in its path.  In their wake, rising from the ashes, are the Survivors - battered and beaten but refusing to die, they strike back at their foe.  Meanwhile, across the continent, a secret cult of fanatics have found the Silver Skull of Lazarus, and attempt to bring him back to fight against the Lords of Death before darkness swallows the land.

This comic book series is a collaboration with Jamie Katonic about her otherworldly alter ego, "Miss Katonic." Dark things, tentacles, shadow vixens, and a powerful goddess from another dimension. The image to the left is from the series.  You can see more at our website, www.misskatoniccomic.com

The Cybertooth Project is an episodic series that tells the tale of a futuristic Frankenstein's Robot thrust into a chaotic future where money is king, suffering is nearly universal, and the corporations rule the world.  Through his newly opened eyes, he comes to see things through the filter of an electronic brain that desperately tries to make sense of the darkness around him.

. . . and more to come.



Untitled fantasy story filled with demons.



Untitled supernatural horror series.



Untitled modern day mythological story about powerful forgotten religions.


Stories and Novels

Many years of writing.



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