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Welcome (or Welcome Back!) to the World of Lazarus!


Death came from the west. Traveling on black ships of metal, filled with the restless corpses of a fallen continent. In the years since, it has spread, the Deadlands growing ever larger under the cruel eyes of the mysterious Lords of the Dead, godlike beings that control the shambling armies.


Standing against them are the Survivors, a piecemeal army of the living who have experienced the horror of the undead, losing everything, rising from the ashes to fight back.


Meanwhile, on the far side of the continent, a clandestine cult calling themselves the Children of the Risen and of the Re-risen, have found the silver skull of Lazarus, and have begun the rituals that will bring about his return.


Enjoy the free LAZARUS Web Comic!


That's right, the series is being released free of charge. New pages are scheduled to be released twice a week, with special "bonus material" from the history of the series, and all new art, which will be released on Sundays. There is enough completed material ready to go that we intend to keep our releases on-time and consistent for a year, and once I get the other issues remastered, there is a second year of story and pages that can be added.  One day, fanbase willing, I would like to collect this introductory story in a graphic novel.

Learn about the characters of the series


Learn more about the enigmatic Lords of the Dead, the heroic Survivors, the secretive cult of the Children of the Risen and Re-Risen, and Lazarus himself.


Get an idea of who these characters are, and hints at why they do what they do. Spoiler free.

The  Strange Publishing History of Lazarus


This comic book series has died and returned almost as many times as the main character himself. To learn more about that history, click on the link below, or HERE.


Since its original release in 1995, many comic book series have come out with the name Lazarus somewhere in the title. Except where noted on the history page, this is not those comics, not based on those comics, and certainly not taking anything from those comics. It is its own original series, with a long history.

Lazarus Merchandise and Comics


There are still a few copies of the comic from some of its original publications available over at the Lazarus Merchandise page. These all typically had low print runs due to lack of funds, and once they sell out, they're gone.


Also, the more popular the series becomes, the more merchandise I'll create, from prints and T-shirts, to exclusive art and products voted on by the fans.  For now, be sure to get your hands on the last of the print issues, before they're all gone!

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