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LAZARUS: The Many Reincarnations

The Crazy History of a Comic Book Series with Many Reincarnations

Fisher Media Publications Edition (1998)


After Newcomer Publishing went out of business, I decided to go into Art School, thinking an art degree might help me to find work (it typically doesn't in the entertainment industry, just leaves you with tens of thousands of dollars of debt). While there, I began a business collaboration with long-time friend Matt Fiser, who wanted to handle the business side of a publishing company, while I did the art. It was a dream situation for an artist. Unfortunately, the expenses associated with starting a comic book business were greater than anticipated. But we did manage to put out a Limited Edition black and white Ash Can with all new story and artwork. The story took place about two years (and another Lazarus death) after the end of the Newcomer storyline. A hidden cult of doomsday fanatics had found Lazarus' silver skull, and attempted to bring him back to life to control him. After the Ash Can, which received a lot of attention at San Deigo Comic Con in 1998, we followed it up with a full sized first issue of the new series, which had about twice as many pages of story as the Ash Can. Fortunately, we overprinted the initial orders, so I have copies of both the Ash Can and the first issue, which can be found by clicking on the covers below.

Newcomer Publishing Group Edition (1995)


LAZARUS got his start as a comic book series in the pages of "Worlds of Fantasy: Magnum Opus" issues 1 - 3, and "The Many Reincarnations of Lazarus" #1 through Newcomer Publishing Group in 1995.  For those first three issues, the comic was split between myself and my friend Jason Hall, who would later go on to attend the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and move on to working on many huge movie blockbusters as a Pre-Viz 3D Animator. The series didn't sell many copies, and few people have even heard of it. The issues are pretty much impossible to find. Fortunately I have a couple dozen of the first issue, and one copy of each subsequent issue. But that is it.  The series was black and white, and while the artwork was mediocre, it did teach me a lot about creating comic books, and visual storytelling.

Lodestone Publishing Print Edition (1999 - 2001)


One great thing that came from the Fisher Media Publications issues was that it led to finding an investor who was interested in helping me take the series to the next level. It seemed ideal, but the whole thing had started off with a misunderstanding - I had thought I would be paired up with a partner with business experience, but instead, the business side fell on my shoulders. Having never run a business before, and with the extra work it took to not only provide all the artwork, but to also figure out how to print, market, advertise, promote, publish, and do all the accounting for a publishing business, it was more than I could handle and still maintain reasonable deadlines. Despite it all, I completed seven full color issues and a promotional preview issue. The series didn't have the numbers it would have if I had possessed the knowledge of how to market and run a business. After the seventh issue, completely burned out, we disbanded Lodestone Publishing and I moved to Los Angeles to go to the Art Academy of L.A., and to pursue a career in movie art, video game art, and marketing art (which will be detailed in my Work History area).


The seven issue Lodestone Publishing edition was originally published in 1999 and ran until 2001. Prior to the release of the first issue, there was a very limited Promotional Edition that was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con in 1999.

Biotoxic Studios Digital Edition - Graphic.ly (2011)


For the 10 Year Anniversary of the end of the Lodestone Publishing Edition, I began digitally remastering the series, redrawing the panels I didn't like, redrawing faces, anatomy, or whatever else I felt I had been forced to cut too many corners on during the crazy days of Lodestone. I also recolored all of the issued I had remastered. The books were released through a digital publisher named Graphic.ly back when the push to create a digital comic book industry was still in its earlier stages. I managed to remaster four issues, and publish three.  Something happened to Graphic.ly along the way, and they changed their business strategy.

ComiXology Digital Publication (2015 - )


Recently, I re-remastered the comic series yet again, improving the art even more and making sure I am finally happy with it. In December, I was approved as an official publisher for ComiXology under the name D.E.A.D. Academy Press (But listed as DEAD Academy Press I believe). Issues 1 and 2 are currently available there.


Depending on how sales go for these issues, I may offer more through them. If sales are fantastic, perhaps I will continue releasing new issues thereafter. The key words being "fantastic sales."  I also redrew the first issue of the original Newcomers Publishing "Worlds of Fantasy" Lazarus story during a 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge in 2014, which I may choose to release in the future as well. It all depends on fan base and popularity.

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