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Thanatos/Phobos - Master  of Shadows and Fear


Master of Nightmares and the chill of the grave.  His followers dwell in darkness, drawing their power from the shadows. He sits at the head of the table among the Lords, but their is much turmoil and infighting, and loyalties change. Phobos is his dark, primal reflection.

Libitina - Goddess of Death


Libitina is the face that lures fools to their deaths in the name of lust and beauty, misplaced passion and greed, betrayal and pride.

Bellicosus - Grand Commander


He holds power over the armies of the dead, a military leader from a time long forgotten. He always pushes for war and conflict over other means of expansion. He harvests the dead from the battlefield to bolster his forces.

Discordia - Mother of Murders


Discordia holds power over the land's most notable killers, as well as their victims. A legion of kings and assassins, tyrants and maniacs, bend undead knees to her.

Nameless - The Ancient One


The Nameless One was old long before the birth of any of the other Lords. He is the last survivor (and some say the destroyer) of the first great civilization, of which only crumbling ruins and mysterious artifacts remain.

Characters of the LAZARUS Series

Lords of the Dead

Lazarus Ramsey


Murder. Thief. Assassin. Hero.


Lazarus has lived many lives, died many deaths, and is unable to find final peace. What  hold does the world have on him? What is his place in the war of Life and Death?

Lazarus the Risen


Kingsley Mont-Callahie


No Survivor has fought the Lords longer than Kingsley. His was the first Kingdom swallowed by their armies. He lost everything, excepting only his daughter Numa. He has fought the encroachment of the Lords, moving from region to region ahead of the Deadlands, seeking warriors.

Numa Nont-Callahie


Numa joined the Survivors at sixteen, against the wishes of her father, who wanted her safely behind the walls of Sauros. He has finally come to accept that she would fight regardless of his will, so he keeps her close. She is a skilled sword master who has been exhibiting strange abilities.

Kaleb du'Morte


Kingsley's right hand man, Kaleb was a youth when the Lords first arrived. He was thrown into the fire, and had to grow up fast. Childhood friend of Numa. K'Washi unknowingly activated a latent power in Kaleb that has yet to manifest.

K'Washi M'badala


K'Washi traveled thousands of miles in search of Kingsley. She dreamed of the coming of the Lords, and saw the gathering of the Survivors as the only (slim) hope for stopping their destruction of all Life. It is her protective magic that allows the Survivors to enter the Deadlands.

Ayame Djinndragoon


Ayame's people were wiped out by the Lords. She survived and was discovered by Kingsley. As a baby, she was chosen my the totem spirit of her tribe, and on occasion can call upon certain draconic traits and powers. K'Washi is attempting to help her realize her potential.

Children of the Risen

Gormus the High


The High Priest of the Children, Gormus inherited hundreds of years of prophetic texts about the coming of the Risen and Re-risen. When the Silver Skull of Lazarus is recovered, he immediately prepares the Resurrection Rituals, hoping to fulfill the destiny of his Office.

Sophania - Reverend Mother


When Gormus found Sophania as a babe, abandoned on the road, he raised her to one day be Reverend Mother of the Children, hoping that in his lifetime the Prophesies would be fulfilled, and his surrogate daughter would become wife to the Risen and Re-risen.

Phaerik Skullfinder


Phaerik was the Child that found the Silver Skull of Lazarus in the Deadlands, and returned it safely to the Citadel., earning him the honorific name of Skullfinder. He is later charged with becoming the personal bodyguard of the Risen and Re-risen.

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