Inktober 2014

This was my first year to take part in the Inktober challenge.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Inktober, the challenge is to create an inked drawing each day during the month of October. It was a great challenge that forced me to take the time to sit down and actually practice my inking techniques.


During the span of the contest, I used ballpoint pens, crowquill nib pens, Windsor & Newton Series 7 art brushes, Pigma Micron pens, sharpies, and more.


Because I was so outrageously busy during the month of October, I couldn't justify doing just any random inking drawing, I had to somehow merge it with a project. So I decided to use the opportunity to create one of a kind ink drawings in the "Sketch Boxes" of my Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Art Prints.

The Cybertooth / Malady Prints

Devaronian Sith Prints

Guess I only drew one for this print...

D&D Fantasy Prints

X-Men's Rogue Prints

Fantasy Sketch Prints

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