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My name is Zak Hennessey, and over the years I have been and done many things, and I will share many of them here with you on this site. This includes but is not limited to:


COMIC BOOK, MOVIE, and VIDEO GAME ART * BODY PAINTING DESIGNS, EXECUTION, and PHOTOGRAPHY * WRITING (Novels, Comic Books, Short Stories, and More!) * ART INSTRUCTION and TUTORIALS * Some of the Various PROJECTS I've been working on * My INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES and where they are in development* and MUCH MORE!


Below this enticing image, you will find quick links to the various areas of the site. You can come back at any time by clicking on the top bar image, or just wander around and explore. If you have any questions, you can email me HERE. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy what you discover!



Denver Entertainment Art &

Design Academy

Art Classes and Instruction


Zak Hennessey is the Founder and Lead Instructor of the Academy. For more information, click on the Logo above or visit www.deadacademy.com

FREE online webcomic by

Creator Zak Hennessey

New Pages Every Monday and Wednesday!


Currently you can find this FREE webcomic series at www.lazaruscomic.com, but it will soon be added to Tapastic. Print versions of the first seven issues are available in the Merchandise section.




Who am I and what have I done? I'll try to answer those questions here, along with links, references, and where I can be found on Social Media.



My newest focus is writing. I have so many stories, there's little chance I'll be able to finish them all in one lifetime, but I guess I'll try! This section will be a little sparse at first, but I intend to add a lot to it. Join my Newsletter for updates.



I've created so much art in my lifetime that it's pretty extensive. I'll attempt to gather it here in an organized manner. This includes but is not limited to: Comic Books, Movie and Video Game art, concept art, storyboards, bodypainting, photography, RPG art, and so much more.

Projects & Properties


Web Comics, Art Projects, Intellectual Properties  or Businesses I own, Short Stories, Novels, all the things I'm  working on can be found here.



Your one stop for all my locations on social media, my various galleries, and ways to get a hold of me if you need to for  some reason.



Sometimes I have stuff to sell. I try to make sure the stuff is as cool as possible. And usually printed in limited editions.

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